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Buy Brodifacoum Poison

Buy Brodifacoum Poison – Brodifacoum is a highly lethal 4-hydroxycoumarin vitamin K antagonist anticoagulant poison. … Brodifacoum has an especially long half-life in the body, which ranges up to nine months, requiring prolonged treatment with antidotal vitamin K for both human and pet poisonings. Brodifacoum is a professional poison for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings. The extremely palatable whole wheat is resistant to various environment specifics such as moisture and contains 29ppm of the second generation anticoagulant Brodifacoum, with added human taste deterrent.

Composition of Brodifacoum Poison |  Buy Brodifacoum Poison

Brodifacoum is a 4-hydroxycoumarin anticoagulant, with a similar mode of action to its historical predecessors dicoumarol and warfarin. However, due to very high potency and long duration of action (elimination half-life of 20 – 130 days), it is characterised as a “second-generation” or “superwarfarin” anticoagulant.

Brodifacoum inhibits the enzyme vitamin K epoxide reductase, which is needed for the reconstitution of the vitamin K in its cycle from vitamin K-epoxide, so brodifacoum steadily decreases the level of active vitamin K in the blood. Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of important substances including prothrombin, which is involved in blood clotting. This disruption becomes increasingly severe until the blood effectively loses any ability to clot.

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