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Buy Maitotoxin Poison – Maitotoxin is an extremely potent toxin produced by Gambierdiscus toxicus, a dinoflagellate species. Maitotoxin is so potent that it has been demonstrated that an intraperitoneal injection of 130 ng/kg was lethal in mice. Maitotoxin is widely considered the most potent of marine toxins discovered to date and is one of several implicated in ciguatera poisoning. Isolated from the dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus, maitotoxin is distributed in tropical and subtropical areas of the Pacific Ocean.

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The main active ingredient of conium maculatum, coniine, was isolated in 1831 and was the first alcaloid to be synthetically recreated in 1886. Coniine is a clear, oily liquid with a burning hot taste and smell of mouse urine. It is readily absorbed by the skin and the mucous membranes and causes increased excitability, followed by an ascending paralysis of the spinal cord. Its effect is similar to curare or nicotine – centrally and peripherally paralyzing, with a distinct impact on the release of adrenalin. Since it is very hard to dose, in today’s medicine hemlock is only used in homeopathic preparations to combat tumors.

Caution: The whole hemlock plant is very poisonous and is particularly dangerous for children!

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