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Buy Polonium Poison Online

Buy Polonium Poison Online – Polonium is a chemical element with the symbol Po and atomic number 84. A rare and highly radioactive metal with no stable isotopes, polonium is chemically similar to selenium and tellurium, though its metallic character resembles that of its horizontal neighbors in the periodic table: thallium, lead, and bismuth.

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Polonium is a radioactive chemical element (atomic number 84) that was discovered in 1898 by Marie Curie, who named the element after her country, Poland. In its natural state, at room temperature, polonium is solid metal with a silver color. Polonium-210 is one of 25 known radioactive isotopes of polonium. Purified polonium is very volatile, and polonium isotopes are radioactive. The most common and best-known polonium isotope is polonium-210. This material is highly dangerous, but it has a relatively short half-life. As a result, it ceases to be dangerous relatively quickly. It decays into a new, stable metal: lead. Its physical half-life is 140 days. This means that half its radioactivity dies away in this time. Its biological half-life is 40 days, so it takes 40 days for biological processes to eliminate half of the Polonium-210 in the body.

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